Different Online Gaming Regulations from Various Countries

Online casinos operators must be familiar with the laws of the country where they offer their games. This is very important since the gaming venture’s existence itself depends on these laws. Some countries highly discourage betting while some allows it because of the revenue generated from taxes. These taxes, in turn, help the government acquire more funds for the utilization of its projects. There is a qualification in allowing betting though. It is usually regulated by certain regulations and minimum requirements fixed by governing authority.



Since gambling has its fair share of harmful effects, governments like the United States of America and Russia have implemented an ironclad rule against gambling. Laws are passed in these countries daunting casino game providers, both in brick and mortar casinos and online casinos. In fact, a regulation effective nowadays in Russia prohibits online gaming anywhere other than in its four designated gaming zones. This regulation serves as a good tool to successfully limit gambling.

Government authorities themselves in some countries, like Canada and Sweden, operate their own online casinos. Only licensed operators by these governments are allowed to carry out their venture.

European countries are more lax in their regulations, online gaming being increasingly popular there. France, for instance, is trying to come up with new regulations that will enable its market to adapt to the ever growing internet industry. The intention is to grant licenses to commendable gambling operators who will be chosen after careful deliberation. Then again, some countries in Europe like Germany banned all kinds of online gambling. Germany only allows betting in government-operated horse racing.


How Online Operators are Coping

Strict rules against gambling in the western countries lead casino operators to look for new areas where they can market their games. Casino houses and online casinos are now flourishing in some regions of Asia namely Hong Kong, Macau and Thailand.

Instead of relocating or changing targets markets, some cunning operators look for loopholes in existing legislations, rules and regulation that are being observed in a particular community. With this clever scheme, they are able to retain operations in their market and at the same time, evade adhering to the law.

These online casino providers will continually look for places where they can offer their services. As long as there are people who are willing to gamble their money whether it is for fun or for a chance of winning, gaming operators will always be there.

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