Debunking Roulette Myths – Online Casino Strategies

To play an effective casino game of roulette, you must first know which strategies are viable and which are not. That way, you will be able to forego the strategies that are sure to be fake and just focus on the ones that actually work. Of course, since roulette is a rather popular casino game, there are many myths that surround it.


Wheel Tracking

The first myth about Roulette is Wheel Tracking. People who believe in this are hoping that roulette wheels somehow have a ‘heavy side’ and a ‘lighter side’. As such, gravity would cause the wheel to veer more to the heavier side, making the probability of the ball stopping at numbers on that side higher.

The truth, however, is that such a thing is rare to find in these days where the quality testing is very rigorous. So, if you’re expecting to see such a thing in modern casinos, then you’re out of luck. You might find some in old casinos in Europe, but what’s the point in looking for one when you could be having fun in a perfectly fair roulette table?


Dealer Cheats

There are some people who believe that the dealer can somehow influence where the ball will fall with his spin. However, roulette wheels are specifically made so that such a thing cannot happen. In fact, it’s generally impossible to influence a roulette table by just the character of the spin. Nobody has reported such a case and it’s unlikely that anyone ever will.


Betting Systems

There are many people who will claim that they have the “perfect” foolproof betting system for roulette. My advice is: don’t believe them. It’s unlikely that they’ve created such a system because roulette is, first and foremost, a game of chance. The only thing that you can actually strategize about when playing it is your bankroll management. Half of the time, you’re praying that the ball will fall on the right place. Everything else about it is just based on pure luck.

Be extra suspicious when somebody wants to sell you his betting system. There are many sites that you’ll find in the internet that offer this. They’re usually hogwash. After all, if they’ve found the perfect system, then why are they still selling their strategy and not winning off of it?

Indeed, it’s wishful thinking to think that there’s a way to beat roulette. The house odds are simply bigger and if you play the casino game long enough, odds are you’ll be on the losing side.

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